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Mumble and Realtek HD Audio Manager Problem


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Running the setup wizard both trying default and Realtek devices on both headphones and microphone, I cannot hear myself, going through the stages getting to the microphone test, I see the bar Is registering my mic as the bar Is moving up and down but I can't hear my voice. I went Into a channel with some of my friends and asked If they could hear me and they could, but I couldn't hear them, so I then began to think It's my headphones. My headset Is working fine with Skype and Steam chat, It's just mumble.

I uninstalled Realtek completely and went back to Mumble and I could hear myself and my friends, though I would like Realtek Installed as It does provide good audio quality, but I just can't get It to work with Mumble, It's working everywhere else, please help!

I'm using a Logitech G230, If anyone Is wondering.

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