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List of users muted ?


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Good evening,

First of all, sorry for my approximative english, I'm not a native :/

My question (questions actually :p) was, is there a list of the users that we have muted ? And when u mute someone on a server and you meet them once again on an other server (differents guilds for example), are they still muted by default ?

Thank's a lot for reading me :)

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If you're talking about local mute, ignore, etc - yes, I believe these should all function in the same way "add friend" does. That is, they operate by certificate hash only, as far as I'm aware, and therefore should work across multiple servers.

You can inspect this list if you have sqlite3 installed, for example on Linux:


echo 'SELECT * FROM muted;' | sqlite3 .local/share/data/Mumble/Mumble/.mumble.sqlite


If you're talking about server mute (as in you have privileges on a channel, and you mute someone so no one can hear them) then no, it's server-only.

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