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Logitech G933 mic stuck on mute (sort of)


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Hi everyone. Kinda hoping somebody has an idea about the following:

NOT clear whether headset or mumble are to blame…

The error appeared recently but is since then persistent. All worked fine (voice activation, mic switched on and off by flipping it up and down) before. I have not changed any drivers or software deliberately (who knows what WIN 10 may have done behind my back :D ).

This is happening:

When I initially log into mumble the G933 mic works fine (icon in channel lights up when I talk, voice activation works as intended). When I switch off the mic by flipping up and then back on by flipping it down, the mumble icon lights up permanently and mic does not work in mumble anymore. This can be fixed by running through the audio wizard (without touching any of the settings). Mic is still receiving signal under windows when it is shut out of mumble.


Last few versions of mumble

Reinstalling Logitech software

Disabled on board sound devices

Any clever ideas would be much appreciated!

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