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Exclusive audio in Windows 7


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I have been playing around with Exclusive Audio in Windows 7 32bit.

for the most part it seems to work, however there have been many times where the app would crash on me out of the blue, My friends in the chat would appear to not be talking, but they were. Changing to non exclusive then back again seemed to fix it.

For the crashing I would run as administrator and it stopped crashing. However there were times when my friend sounded like he was on a cellphone going though a tunnel. Once again toggling the modes seemed to fix it.

All and all from my use it largely worked.

Tested in:

No game




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Thanks for testing it. Exclusive mode audio will be disabled by default in our release builds because there are to many badly written audio drivers out there (tons of bluescreens etc.). Unfortunately there's not much we can do about that :-(

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