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Mumble Reducing Audio Quality when client is open (MacOS X)


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Hi there,

I am having an issue which sounds very much like this unresolved issue: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=1763&p=5978

I recently got a Bluetooth Headset—Bose QuietComfort 35. With the Mumble client not open, when I listen to Spotify (or Chrome, or any other audio source) the audio is crystal clear.

When I open the Mumble client all the audio which is received by the headset, whether it be Mumble VoIP audio or Spotify or anything else output by the computer, the quality is very low. Essentially it sounds as if my Spotify audio is coming in over the VoIP connection.

I'm running MacOS X 10.10.5 and Mumble 1.2.16 (as well as Mumble 1.3 snapshot—I've tried both).

It seems as if when Mumble is open it "takes over" all of the audio and compresses it to VoIP quality even though its not sending it!

I have tried:

- Mumble 1.3

- Disabling positional audio

- Changing input and output audio devices to every combination of selection (Default Device, Bose Quiet Comfort, Built-In Audio, Airplay)

Any help diagnosing would be much appreciated.

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Its the resampling of MACOS which is enabled by default when two programs with audio outputs that differ in sample rate play concurrently. Because an output sound device can only accept one rate at any given time, one source has to be resampled, or in some instances, both sources - operating system resampling isn't usually very good and in fact i'd prefer if the industry would settle on one rate once and for all, so this sample rate MESS can piss off.

Resampling should avoided where possible.

I've tried to raise this issue with the developers but it doesn't seem like this problem is being taken very seriously....


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