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I need help with an error


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At least once a day when I use mumble, I will randomly get an error. If I ignore this error I can continue to use mumble, but as soon as I close the error window mumble closes also. Here is a screenshot of the error:

Can anyone explain what this error is?

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Not sure what could cause this, but GlobalShortcutWin is the logic that handles keyboard shortcuts like the push to talk key logic.

That error seems to indicate that when Mumble tried to access a device through Windows, Windows returned an "unspecified" error.

Do you have any devices that may switch ready state, become inaccessible, or you regularly plug and unplug?

Do you have a fancy keyboard?

Could you try unplugging unnecessary devices and see if the problem still occurs, and report back?


My findings:

Code: GlobalShortcut_win.cpp L507

From your Screenshot, the return HRESULT is 80004005

The error returns are one of DIERR_DEVICENOTREG





Winerror.h defines for "unspecified error" #define E_FAIL _HRESULT_TYPEDEF_(0x80004005L)


1 << 31 | 7 << 16 | 21

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