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Config reset on linux


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Hi all !

I have a strange issue with mumble.

Several time, my config is reset like a fresh install.

Mumble launch like the first one and i must redo all my config (sound, micro, shortcut) exept the serveur list and theme.

I check my file and the only new file was in


It's not a big problem but it's boring.

I'm on Arch linux with mumble-client v1.2.17

Does anybody else have the same issue?

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Hi !

.local/share/data/Mumble -> 755

.local/share/data/Mumble/Mumble/.mumble.sqlite -> 600

I'm using Mumble only for my own local uMurmur server (on NAS Synology).

I have only one server on my linux client.

The issue never reset the server list. I never had or change anything in my server list.

A friend of mine is on arch linux too and have only my server on his client. He don't have this issue.


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