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I tried setting up a mumble server in my esxi host. but i'm getting errors on the certificate.

i'm running it on a esxi 6.0 environment on a dell poweredge t430. i tried both ubuntu 16 and windows 10.

the problem i have is i forwarded port 443 to my esxi host for remote management. every time i want to connect to my esxi host i get the certificate from my esxi host.

my network configuration port forward:

fritzbox modem:

MumbleTCP TCP 64738 router 64738

MumbleUDP UDP 64738 router 64738

esxi host TCP 443 router 443

router nat rules:

MumbleTCP TCP 64738 mumble server 64738

MumbleUDP UDP 64738 mumble server 64738

esxi host TCP 443 esxi host 443

is there a way to connect to mumble for the certificate over another port then 443?

i added some screenshots to make my problem more clearly.




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