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How does Mumble overlay communicate with Mumble client?


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I am writing a high-performance flight simulator for Linux. It's working well now (in beta test). It's written entirely in "C" and "C++" and the code is highly tuned for speed. It plays well with Mumble and I've already included a very primitive, native mumble interface without changing any mumble code or running any external scripts. I'd like to do more integration. Although the existing mumble overlay works well in this environment and meets my user interface needs completely, it steals some CPU cycles and costs me some precious frame rate. I'd like to code an extremely lightweight interface (compiled in "C" or "C++ within my flight sim) just to display the name of any mumble user that is currently speaking on the active mumble channel. Obviously the existing Mumble Overlay does this somehow. I dug into all of the posts here but I couldn't get to bedrock on this subject. So here is my basic question:

How does the existing Mumble overlay learn the Mumble username of Mumble users speaking on the current Mumble channel?

For right now I am not looking for code samples. I just want to understand the mechanism. Is the Mumble overlay querying the mumble server for this information? Or does the existing Mumble client signal the overlay somehow?



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