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Recoding - randomly missing time in recorder-track


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Hey folks,

got a weird problem since a while.

My Setup: I am using a murmur-server on Raspian (Raspberry Pi 1) and the latest client is running in Win 10.

I am recording frequently a podcast on that server with two other people. Since the last 5 or so recording, there is always randomly missing a few seconds in my own track (I am the recorder), so my track is much shorter than the other two. It's up to 10 missing seconds in an one hour track at the end. I always have to cut and move my track to get syncrone with the other again.

Before there is some seconds missing, a strange mechanical sound is recorded (2-5 times shortly in a row) ---> this one: http://couch-entertainment.de/wp-content/uploads/sprechanfall/missingtime.mp3.

Does somebody have an idea what that could be and how I can fix it?

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