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I'm running windows vista ultimate, I went to the mumble home page to download the Mumble client. There are two versions of the client to download, the first version I downloaded, installed normally, but it wont open it just gives the "Referral was returned by server error". I went to the support page and attempted the fix for that problem but it didn't work. So I downloaded the second version of Mumble for windows. Which downloaded normally but when I attempted to open the file to install it. The file wont open.

So I really could use some assistance.

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The referral error means there is a problem with validating the code-signing for the Mumble executable.

Is the clock on your computer correctly configured? If not, the validity times for the code-signing certificate will not be valid.

Where did you get your downloads from?

The only place we recommend you download Mumble from is:


Please try both the stable release and the developer snapshot.

If nothing else works, you can try following this guide:


This disables the code-signing requirements for programs like Mumble (that use assistive technologies to access global keypresses). However, doing this can be dangerous: the reason Windows has this enabled in the first place is that disabling it makes it very easy for programs to act as a keylogger.

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