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ANDROID distorted voice


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I have a problem with my android within plumble (free) why buy something when there is a free one, anyhow that's not the problem.

My problem is that on my PC (which isn't the problem) there is no robotic and distorted voice. On my phone there is. I can hear the person but not too well, it's really rough. So, can someone help me out?

I've looked online for answers and it only answers for PC. I don't care about PC. Pc works just fine within mumble. Just not on my phone. Has anyone had issues with that? I'm still trying to get used to the program as well on PC AND phone but I can't be stressing over it for hours to days, so I'm here to ask for help...

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I'm not sure how this works on Plumble (that's not a client from us), but maybe you can check the network packet statistics for lost or late packages (indicator networking problems). Otherwise, an admin can check a users package statistics as well in the user information dialog.

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I run two murmur servers. One is on a 32-bit LINUX host, and the other is on a 64-bit LINUX host. I use the same version of murmur on both, and I've worked to make all of murmur's settings identical (or very nearly identical) on both.

(Background: I have multiple murmur servers because I have written a new, free flight simulator for LINUX named "Linux Air Combat" that used mumble for player-to-player comms, emulating a WW2-style aircraft radio. One of my murmur servers is used for in-house development, and the other is used to support the emerging "LAC" community of beta testers.)

I have the same problem described by Butterfly3 when I connect Android-based "plumble" with murmur on the 64-bit host. Sounds incoming from Plumble sound horribly overmodulated on all connected mumble clients.

However, I do NOT have that problem when I connect that same Android "plumble" with murmur on the 32-bit host. In that case, sounds incoming from Plumble sound nice on all connected mumble clients.

When NOT using Plumble, I can mix/match 32-bit and 64-bit mumble clients and murmur servers without ever suffering this problem.

I suspect the authors of "Plumble" are not properly converting 32-bit and 64-bit quantities when they transmit or receive data, causing amplitudes to "max out" and overmodulate unintentionally. Just my guess...

...For anybody that's interested, the interface between Linux Air Combat and Mumble is unique. Here's a YouTube video review of "Linux Air Combat" that includes a concise summary of its use with mumble:

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