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Audio Output Device Not Being Respected


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Hi all,

I'm having a spot of trouble with Mumble 1.2.19 on Windows 10. Mumble is always sending audio output to the Windows default output device, not the device listed in Audio Output under the Advanced Options.

For example, my default audio device is my speakers (S/PDIF-1) and I want Mumble to output to my headphones via S/PDIF-2. I select S/PDIF-1 as my system default output, and set S/PDIF-2 as the Device under Audio Output in Mumble. Mumble audio then continues playing through the system default of S/PDIF-1.

This configuration works in TeamSpeak3, Ventrilo, and games where I can set the audio output device away from default. I am sure its a mumble problem but I don't know why or where to start troubleshooting.

I've closed and re-opened Mumble with and without administrator privileges in every combination of output device I can think of, none of it works.

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