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I am French and I do not very well speak English I use a translator sorry for the faults

My problem:

I am under W10

I changed mumble version to pass in 1.2.19 and I do not know what it passed I lost all the characteristics of my connections

When I put back(handed) this one he tells me that the certificate is not good, I returned to the version previous mumble 1.2.13 I have the same problem, on my telephone ios it works perfectly

During the deinstallation, I erased all the files in appdata and all the keys referring has mumble in the register

I think that the certificate is always there and corrupted put I do not find it in the list of certificates

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I think what happened is that you deleted your original certificate, and you are trying to connect with the username you used previously.

If you've created a new certificate, try to choose a different username, and you should be able to connect again.

Then you can re-register, and an admin can change your name, if needed.

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