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Adding F13-F24


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Good morning, all!

I've been a long time user of mice that have additional buttons, and as of the last four years, a ton of side buttons. The mouse in use is currently the Razer Naga. Now, I've always hated that these mice emulate key presses instead of using their own dedicated keys, but Window's doesn't support that. I've used a program to assign keys F13 through F24, but some games, and applications don't actively support it, and Mumble is one of them.

What I am getting at is, how difficult would it be to add support for twelve additional keys? There are many people like myself, who want to see these keys come back on the side of our mice, but we are obviously outweighed by the number of users who don't use these mice at all, and have never felt the need to use these keys, or just plain don't even know about them.

Also, the current development build of Mumble and Murmur, are awesome! I've always been a huge Mumble fan, and probably always will be. I enjoy playing competitively, and seek out every millisecond I can get from any source, and my ability to communicate to other over a low latency service is paramount. I've run tests on all the the current services, and Mumble/Murmur seems to have a 45~50ms overhead, which is great, because TeamSpeak is around 100~, and Discord around 120~. The lower the overhead, the better in my book. As far as gui, resource utilization, and stability, the development build is solid. I enjoy the dark UI option provided, great for having it on another monitor, but not being a beacon of light at the same time. It uses up very little storage space, memory, and CPU cycles, which is perfect for me as a gamer. I've had no crashes as of yet, just some difficulties updating the snapshots, but nothing I couldn't fix.

Also, I am aware that TeamSpeak uses the same codec as Mumble, but if you don't believe me with the overhead test, setup some local servers, and test it yourself.

To sum up this post:

Adding support for F13-F24 would be greatly appreciated for the less than one percent of us who use those keys!

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Thanks for your kind words about Mumble. Greatly appreciated!

There's a long running thread on GitHub about this problem.

I have been able to use a virtual F13 key using AutoHotKey:

Could you try the approach at the bottom of my post (copying Mumble to the desktop, and running it from there?).

Mumble, by default, on Windows runs in a special mode for assistive technologies, so Mumble can intercept keypresses from some elevated programs. We do this to avoid keys getting "stuck".

Please report back with your findings. Thanks!

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Good evening, mkrautz!

Thanks for the suggestion, however like many other scripts and attempts I've attempted, it only seems to work properly when I use a AHK in administrative mode, and do a sequence to get the key to register for PTT. Even after getting the key set though, I can't have the Mumble application as the foreground application, otherwise the F13-F24 keys won't work. As soon as I click on something else though, the keys go back to working. It's something to do when the application is selected.

P.S. just tried your thread's method for assigning the key, and it's infinitely easier, but I still run into the F13 key not being pressable while I have Mumble selected. It also sticks if I hold F13 and then select Mumble.

Hope with this information we can begin resolving, or at least finding a solid workaround for the time being.

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