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Murmur server constantly crashing


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I'm running a mumble server an a shared ssh (or whatever it is called) without any root privlleges.

Well after I updated the mumble server to a 1.2.19, I've been getting weird crashes without any error messages.

I've running it with the command ./murmur.x86

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I'm not sure how I am able to help you without errors or further analysis what area it comes from.

But I doubt it is because you upgraded Mumble. And I am not aware of any known crash issues.

What did you upgrade from?

Do you use our PPA?

What OS are you running?

Does it log fine otherwise?

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Hi, I was able to solve it :)!

The shared hosting service that I was using had some issue with NFS and mmap that was causing it to a crash, and with few coredump files I provided (to them) they figured out the problem.

Thanks for the reply tho!

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