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Mumble not recognizing audio drivers/devices


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Hi all,

I've run into a weird issue recently with Mumble in which after a Nvidia GPU driver upgrade and subsequent reboot, Mumble is not showing any Input or Output devices. The option the select either is greyed out in options entirely. I've uninstalled/reinstalled Mumble, uninstalled and reinstalled my Realtek audio drivers, and uninstalled and reinstalled the Nvidia GPU drivers with a clean install. Other applications don't seem to have this issue so I'm at a loss.


Any help is appreciated.

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Not sure how your GPU driver would influence WASAPI audio system provided by Windows.

When you navigate to and open %APPDATA%\Mumble\Console.txt

it should provide some information, and maybe some errors?

For me:

<W>2016-12-08 16:50:31.816 AudioInput: Opus encoder set for VOIP
<W>2016-12-08 16:50:31.816 AudioInput: 40000 bits/s, 48000 hz, 480 sample
<W>2016-12-08 16:50:31.835 WASAPIInput: Latencies 100000 30000 => 100000
<W>2016-12-08 16:50:31.841 WASAPIOutput: Latencies 100000 30000 => 100000
<W>2016-12-08 16:50:31.844 WASAPIOutput: Output stream format 1
<W>2016-12-08 16:50:31.844 WASAPIOutput: Stream Latency 0 (970)
<W>2016-12-08 16:50:31.844 WASAPIOutput: Periods 10000us 3000us (latency 0us)
<W>2016-12-08 16:50:31.844 WASAPIOutput: Buffer is 21995us (1)
<W>2016-12-08 16:50:31.845 AudioOutput: Initialized 6 channel 44100 hz mixer
<W>2016-12-08 16:50:31.865 WASAPIInput: Mic Stream format 1
<W>2016-12-08 16:50:31.865 WASAPIInput: Stream Latency 0 (970)
<W>2016-12-08 16:50:31.870 WASAPIInput: Echo Stream format 1
<W>2016-12-08 16:50:31.870 AudioInput: Initialized mixer for 2 channel 44100 hz mic and 6 channel 44100 hz echo
<W>2016-12-08 16:50:31.886 AudioInput: ECHO CANCELLER ACTIVE

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And now you do not have the issue any more?

We had to enable moderation because of spam.

Unfortunately, we only do this in our spare time, and time is scarse and has to be divided between this forum, IRC discussions, github issues, and actual development, etc.

We would like it to be different as well, but that is out of our hands at the moment.

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