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Auto connect behavior is different.. liked the old way


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I use mumble as stage to booth communication in a community theater. The old autoconnect just did it. The new autoconnect pauses and demands at least the enter key to affirm the user name before connecting. This will prevent me from having the clients be total auto boot and idiot proof if I upgrade to the next generation. Any good reason this was changed.

Also want to run some raspberry pi zero units as headless belt pack units.. no can do with the current build. Anyone know why this changed?

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Do I understand correctly that you experience the auto-reconnect now asking for a username when upgrading from version 1.2.x to 1.3.0 snapshot?

If you are registered on the server with your user certificate afaik it should not ask for a username (as it already knows you).

Could it be that the user certificate was not moved/copied when trying out 1.3?


Any good reason this was changed[?]


As implied above, I am not aware of this having changed. I would suspect a change in the environment/usage to trigger this different behaviour.


want to run some raspberry pi zero units as headless belt pack units.. no can do with the current build. Anyone know why this changed?

Sorry, personally I'm not familiar with "headless belt pack units". I am not aware of any breaking changes or incompatibilities with specific rasperry pi systems.

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My apologies My terminology was imprecise. Version 1.2.12 running on Ubuntu LTS 16.04 Identical behavior on the current windows version.

I was looking at this version because the newest iphone app would not connect to the 2 year old version of murmur I was running at the theater any more. We run on a totally closed wifi system, not connected to the outside world. Iphone app connects to the new version just fine.

To be precise, I'm talking about the behavior of the "Re connect to the last server on startup" The old one would just re connect all the way to the mumble window and the "connected" announcement. The newest version pauses at the enter user name dialog box. Requiring me to either click on OK or hit the enter key.

I want to run some clients completely without keyboard or monitor, and just connect at boot. We use bluetooth headsets, so the stage crew can roam from the client machine. I am going to make some raspberry pi battery operated units to wear as a belt pack. Just power up and connect.. Thus "headless" That will give me range anywhere the wifi signal is, since currently we have a 30 foot limit with the bluetooth.

In playing more, I found the command "mumble mumble://jtw@homelinux" placed in my startup programs list does the trick It logs in all the way to the "connected" message with no intervention at boot time.

I don't know how to replicate this functionality on the windows client though. Changing the startup command in the icon makes windows think I"m looking for an invalid location due to the forward slashes. I do currently have 2 windows clients at the theater, but they both have keyboard and monitor, so I can train the user... But I liked the totally automatic login on the older version.. (Not at the theater right now, so I cant tell you precisely which version) I will probably try to run new murmur server and the older windows clients to see if I can have my cake and eat it too.

Loss of network automatic re connect still works with no user intervention. (Thank goodness)

Thanks for bearing with me... And thanks for a great program. Running used thin clients lets me replicate the functionality of a Telex setup that would cost probably 5 to 10,000 bucks to install .. For about 100 bucks a station with a nice headset.

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As documented on the Mumble URL wiki page you can pass the mumble URL to the executable. On windows, your shortcut should be "mumble.exe mumble://jtw@homelinux"

which should automatically connect you with that username to that server.

I only have a 1.3.0 snapshot of Mumble Windows Client installed. Enabling auto connect to last server works as expected, without a prompt for the username. I am registered on the server with a certificate though.

I guess you do not use user authentication or user certificates?

In that case using the URL to connect is probably your best bet. Interesting that this supposedly change though, that it now asks for a username. It may be different for servers saved as favorites. You may want to try that as an alternative to the URL shortcut. Save the server with a username and adequate hostname to your server favorites and try autoconnect to last server like that.

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