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Problems with Mumble-Serveron Raspberry PI


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my name is Thomas and i'm from Hannover Germany

First let me say my english isn't so good and i'am new in this board, and also with mumble :shock:

I have set up two raspberry pi 3b as translation systems (secound is spare) for my church. So the moderator uses a smartphone with headset and can speek, all other clients (also mobile devices with headset), only can hear the moderator. All using Mumble or Plumble App.

The Raspberrys settet up with newest Raspian-Jessy and latest availible Mumble-Server Package.

For administration i use an Windows 10 with Mumble Client 1.2.19 because is needed to configure the moderator.

Both clients are perfectly runnung but.......

Now my problem on both maschines is:

After every reboot of the raspberry the Mumble-Client get the message "Access denied", when i try to connect. So i'm looking for a solution and find an workarround but i'm not verry happy with this.

Whe i open a session over Putty, i have to reconfigure the Mumble-Server by typing:"$ sudo dpkg-reconfigure mumble-server" (Mumble-Server start on automatic on boot, Prio for Mumble-Server and SuperUser Password) After this all works fine again. :o

I think Mumble-Server on Raspberry don`t save the config correctly or something like that, i don't know. :cry:

My dream is, that anybody can use the system, without problems, but this is realy a problem, why so i have to go every time to church, then they wants to use the system. Every time i have to use this workarround....

2 other churches use also this system since more than one year and dont have this problem, but i think they have an older Raspi (2B), older Raspian-System and an older Mumble-Server-Package.

Is there anybody know about this problem and can help me?

Best regards Thomas

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we have some Germans as well (I am), so we could communicate in German as well if English becomes a problem.

Personally I am not familiar with Raspberry Pi in particular, but I do think we have a few users using it.

What you describe indeed sounds like the server configuration not being stored.

AFAIK the Raspberry Pi operating system is a Debian derivative.

So I would expect the configuration to reside at /etc/mumble-server.ini

That files contents should specify a file path for the server database file (which should store the superuser password).

Can you verify that the configuration file exists, as well as the server db file, and that the server db file is writable/gets modified when setting a new superuser password?

I guess a simple restart of the mumble server service should also trigger your issue?

So testing should be feasible like this?

As the RPI is an embedded device, I'm not sure if there is some kind of non-persistent memory? I guess not?

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