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Feature Request: Bring back sidebar images <img>.


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I used the tag quite a bit on my server and found it very useful to post eye-catching images for events and logos for our social media (e.g., Twitter logo). I very much miss this feature and would like it brought back. I don't think there is a high risk to including images and even if so, leaving it up to the server operator seems best.

Maybe for security have it off by default but have a config option to turn it back on so it's definitely on the server operator to take any risk. This really does make my server look very generic and I hope an accommodation can be made.

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You can still post and embed images.

What was disabled was linking to external images which would be loaded as images (which was only ever possibly by fiddling with the message source) for privacy reasons.



When we removed this (undisclosed to GUI) feature of linking external images we discussed possible GUI improvements to the send message dialog, that would allow embedding images by providing a link (you can already copy & paste images; embedding an image via external link would be nice).

As of now, nobody has implemented that yet though.

When an images is embedded within a message, it is subject to two message size limits (afaik, one for text, one for overall with images) as specified by the server.

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To be clear, I am talking about images that display in the sidebar upon login. I use that for making colorful announcements. I am not sure how to accomplish that with the changes made. Is it at simple as putting the images on the Mumble server itself? I was linking the images from a different server (my web server).

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The process for embedding the images is rather complicated - Murmur has no way to host images itself, and the UI which will handle converting the images to data blobs for you never exposes the result so you can copy+paste it into the MOTD (which is what I assume you're doing by "sidebar"?).

You might be able to use a tool like this to generate the blob: http://base64.wutils.com/encoding-online/image-to-base64/

Then simply paste the entire blob (the whole bit into the MOTD. Note that you may run afoul of message length limits, the client will maintain its own limit also so you'll want to keep the images small. You may also have grief with escaping and line lengths if you put this in the .ini instead of using Ice to set it.

Full disclosure: I used to run a commercial Mumble host, and my opinions do not reflect the opinions of the Mumble project.

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Okay, then that is too complicated for us. I humbly request that the old method of allowing linked IMG files be restored with perhaps a server side option that must be activated manually so the risk is on the server owner.

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