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RPi connection rejected...


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I use Raspberry PI with a Mumble server and client. When the RPI is connected to the Internet (Wi-Fi over smartphone), the client connects to the server without problems. But when there is no Internet connection, the client cannot connect to the server (with error: connection rejected). Is it normal that the server cannot accept clients without an Internet connection? Is it possible to change this behavior?


sorry for my english...

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Mumble works just fine without an internet connection, be it a local network, or local PC.

Note that your system/network will have different IP addresses for these different networks though.

If you connect to the internet through a WiFi connection to your smartphone your WiFi network adapter will have one IP address.

My guess is you connect to your local server through your WiFi IP address, which is not valid without it being enabled/activated.

You say both server and client run on the same system, so you should be able to connect to IP (or `localhost` as hostname which resolves to this IP) just fine, no matter what other networks are available.

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