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Clients involuntarily disconnection/reconnect


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Hi there,

I seem to have a unique issue with hosting my mumble server. Everything is connected and working properly except that remote clients outside my network will get disconnected every 5 minutes or so.

Here's a brief from mumble.log


<W>2018-04-12 21:26:53.565 1 => <2:(-1)> New connection: <remote:port>
<W>2018-04-12 21:26:53.870 1 => <2:(-1)> Client version 1.2.19 (Win: 1.2.19)
<W>2018-04-12 21:26:54.023 1 => <2:User> Authenticated
<W>2018-04-12 21:28:05.136 1 => <2:User> Requesting crypt-nonce resync
<W>2018-04-12 21:30:17.736 1 => <2:User> Connection closed: The remote host closed the connection [1]
<W>2018-04-12 21:30:29.292 1 => <3:(-1)> New connection: <remote:port>
<W>2018-04-12 21:30:29.565 1 => <3:(-1)> Client version 1.2.19 (Win: 1.2.19)
<W>2018-04-12 21:30:29.706 1 => <3:User> Authenticated
<W>2018-04-12 21:36:27.267 1 => <3:User> Connection closed: The remote host closed the connection [1]
<W>2018-04-12 21:36:37.516 1 => <4:(-1)> New connection: <remote:port>
<W>2018-04-12 21:36:37.789 1 => <4:(-1)> Client version 1.2.19 (Win: 1.2.19)
<W>2018-04-12 21:36:37.937 1 => <4:User> Authenticated
<W>2018-04-12 21:45:41.418 1 => <4:User> Connection closed: The remote host closed the connection [1]


I'm running mumble server on a raspi 3b wheezy and users are mostly windows or android on plumble. The bandwidth is 900/400mbps on a fibre line. Port translation and firewall are all configured correctly as connections are successful.

As shown in the logs they can connect fine, talk well and clear for a short time before getting disconnected on their end. They could be talking and suddenly their voice feed cuts off but they remain in the channel (until the dc drops them) until they rejoin automatically. This is probably the most annoying part for the user as they are not aware they are gone and are talking to themselves. Occasionally Plumble will get the "are you sure you want to disconnect" prompt without user interaction. Tapping No will result in a reconnection anyway and will sit for a good 30seconds trying to reconnect.

I've asked for them to test without qos or forcing tcp mode but both still have the same issues. I have been testing with friends out of country and in country, plus with my phone on 4G to connect back in to the network.

I'm kinda out of ideas barr a unidentified issue with my isp line dropping connections. But I still can't understand the problem, my router shows no dropped packets, failed nat translations or blocked traffic and logs point to remote hosts intentionally disconnecting (which they aren't).

Does anybody have a few ideas? I was hoping to have this running instead of my friends migrating to Discord but it seems yet again convenience is king.


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Unfortunate that you see these issues.

If you can, if this is your local network, I would try hosting a Mumble server on your desktop PC to see if this is network related or rpi server related (one way or another).

Is the log of one user disconnecting repeatedly? Or multiple users?

Does the disconnect occur at the same time for multiple users?

Does the disconnect occur only for specific users or all of them (that are connecting from outside the local network)?

Of there is some kind of UDP rate limiting/ddos protection/bug desktop clients should be switching to TCP mode and transmit voice over TCP as a workaround automatically. This does not seem to be the case?

Maybe they are blocked completely?

Do you have other connections from extern to your network that you can verify as stable?

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