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unity-like setup?


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Here's my usage scenario:

A convention spanning several buildings, with quite a few arrangers and plenty of gophers.

Tasks and responsibilities are anchored in groups (IT, HR, Events, Cosplay, Stage-tech, InfoBooth, check-in,...)

One staff member can be responsible for and/or member of multiple groups (matrix organisation)

There is a need for information and coordination across/between groups as well as internally in the groups

Additionally, we have a stage for live performance, where communication is time critical (minimal lag)

FOH (light/sound/video techs) need to be able to coordinate internally.

As director I'll be in FOH. I need to coordinate with the rest of FOH, as well as the Stagemanager and camera crew.

I.e. I want to be able to listen to FOH and Stagemanager while talking to camera crew only, then switch to talk to FOH only, then switch to talk to Stagemanager and FOH

All the while being able to listen to priority channels (e.g. Security and Medic)

The product I mentioned (unity) has separated talk and listen, so that each client/user can select which groups to listen to and talk in. There's an image of their GUI along with a short description here: https://www.4rfv.co.uk/industrynews/197909/unity_intercom_from_vortex_multi_channel_production_intercom_on_the_devices_you_

Could something like that be done with a talk and a listen channel per user, and some creative linking? Then I'd look into extending the HTML5 client with some ice integration

For several reasons I'd prefer an open source solution to unity (including integrating with walkie-talkie channels, not being tied to a mac platform, etc.)

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