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I am new to Mumble and had a few questions about the software. I have Mumble on my computer, Murmur on my computer and Pumble on my phone.

I want to use Mumble for voice chat in games. I would like to be able to join mumble servers on my phone or my computer and host a server on my computer whenever I want.

1. When you talk on any mumble server, weather you have a certificate or not will your connection be encrypted?

2. When you join a server for the first time and it asks to generate a certificate for the server, is this needed for an encrypted connection?

3. Mumble when I go to Configure > Certificate Wizard it says I should make a trusted certificate. And when I try to generate one it ask for an email address? Do I need to do this to use Mumble and will my encryption be weak without it?

4. What kind of encryption is used in Mumble?

5. How do I host a private server that is password protected on my computer (No hosting provider) and only have it run when I run murmur?

6. Can I host a private server on my computer and use a VPN to protect my IP? Or will it not be possible to use a VPN to host a server.

The goal is to be able to use Mumble securely with encryption in every instance, not expose my IP by using a VPN weather I am running a private server or connecting to a server in the client.

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1. yes. user certs are for authentication and friend list across servers.

2. uh, the server does not ask you though!? are you talking about the client?

5. you set a password in the configuration file murmur.ini and you start murmur.

6. if your VPN provides you with a public IP you can give to others, that will be forwarded to your personal IP, then that works. All traffic will be rerouted through your VPN then of course. So there's a latency cost to it.

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