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Inconsistent problem that is plaguing my Mumble experience.


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For some reason that I cannot understand at all... at completely random times, with completely random people, I will be unable to hear the first 1 or 2 seconds of a transmission. I've changed audio hardware, I've reinstalled Mumble multiple times (admittedly I haven't gone back to 1.2 and I don't want to because I need that local volume mixing) and I still have no idea what's wrong. I've changed so many audio settings but this problem just completely randomly happens. Typically I'm better about debugging this sort of thing but it's at the point where I must be missing something obvious.

Can anyone help me? I'm missing lots of conversations because of this to the point where other folks are saying we should just quit Mumble and move to Discord which I really, REALLY do not want to do. Thanks for any help in figuring this out.

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