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Connecting a domain to Mumble server using CloudFlare


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Hi, I've just set up Murmur on my Linux machine and forwarded a port on my router and everything works fine to this point. I've also tried to connect it to my domain but with no success. I also couldn't find much info on this topic online. Could you help me with connecting a domain to Murmur? Thanks in advance!

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How did it work then? Did you connect to your servers IP address?

A domain is a named alias for an IP address. Once the domain is set up there is nothing you have to do on the Mumble server specifically. If connecting to the IP worked it should also work with the domain address.

The port has to be specified in both cases (unless it is the default port and that one is used.)

Changing Domain configuration can take a few minutes to propagate through the internet/to your internet provider/you.

You can check what the domain is an alias for by pinging it; e.g. in a cmd.exe window type

ping example.org


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