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MumbleCensusBot ?? What is it?


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Ok folks,

Lately I've experienced a connection lasting under 2 seconds each day signing on my server as "MumbleCensusBot". No idea what it is. Doesn't seem to be malicious, but was wondering if anyone knew what it was? PyMumble happy bot? For the purpose of?

2019-05-22 15:26:22.842 1 => <24:(-1)> New connection:

2019-05-22 15:26:23.002 1 => <24:(-1)> Client version 1.2.4 (PyMumble 0.2.1: Happy bot)

2019-05-22 15:26:23.137 1 => CELT codec switch ffffffff8000000b 0 (prefer ffffffff8000000b) (Opus 1)

2019-05-22 15:26:23.152 1 => <24:MumbleCensusBot(-1)> Authenticated

2019-05-22 15:26:23.287 1 => <24:MumbleCensusBot(-1)> Connection closed: The remote host closed the connection [1]

2019-05-22 15:26:23.302 1 => CELT codec switch ffffffff8000000b ffffffff80000010 (prefer ffffffff80000010) (Opus 1)


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