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Can mumble help do this? And how would I go about it?


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My wife does a type of parent/child therapy where she is in another room watching a camera and listening while being able to talk to the parent and give instructions, preferably through a wireless headset. The setup for this is quite expensive. I'm trying to figure out how to do it better and cheaper. Could mumble handle all the audio? I'm not concerned about video - a set of cheap IP cameras works great.

What she needs:

- At least 2 to 3 mics in the room to pick up audio that only she can hear.

- A mic on her that is only heard through the headset of the parent.

What she wants:

- To use a laptop on wifi to hear and talk through a wired (or wireless/bluetooth) headset.

- Small wireless devices for the microphones in the room OR a single computer with multiple mics wired (wireless preferred!)

I was thinking something like a raspberry pi zero with a microphone for each mic in the room. They are wireless and quite small. And another raspberry pi zero to send the audio to the parent's bluetooth headset (could this also double as one of the microphone ports?). The pi already has bluetooth 4.1 BLE. Her laptop would have the client and server for mumble.

Another consideration - she will NOT have internet access during counselling sessions. All of this would be hooked up on a wifi network that is internal only.

Is it possible? Any pointers? How hard is setup?

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that sounds like an interesting project. What you describe and how you planned it out is definitely possible.

How familiar are you with the Rasberry Pi?

I think what you will have to further check on, as the next validation steps is:

* What specifically do you want for the parent? A (bluetooth) headset? Or will it have to be less visible in-ears + microphone? What you can use will depend on what you want and what the Rasberry Pi supports in terms of slots. I'm not too familiar with it.

* AFAIK setting up a server on a Rasperry Pi is simple enough. I am not sure about a client though. I do think I read about people trying and doing it though. Basically it has to be a "headless" client, as there is no graphical user interface on it. I'm not currently familiar with adequate projects, so that's something to look into.

To be honest, IMO, it is probably be easier to set this up with a phone and messenger/network audio transmission. Set up Telegram on both phones while they're on an unmetered WLAN internet connection, and start an (internet) audio transmission. Then you can use a simple mobile phone in-ear headphone with microphone combination as is also quite common.

This alone will not solve the listening into the room part of course though.

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