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Unusual Bug


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I have not been able to find anyone else with this same issue and I have been looking about a week now. This started occurring while I was in mumble talking to people, I did not disconnect or unplug anything, it just started happening.

Microphone is working in all other applications I have tested but when on mumble it refuses to broadcast what I'm saying. When I am on the self->audio statistics screen it says that my microphone power is infinite but it still correctly identifies when I am speaking. Also when in the audio wizard when on raw amplitude from input the bar is entirely empty but it displays as if I am broadcasting continuously. I can hear everyone as normal.



I have tried different mics, using different inputs for the mics (front and back panel 3.5mm and front and back panel usb), uninstalling mumble, deleting the %appdata%/mumble folder, downgrading mumble, reinstalling audio drivers, updating windows (I am on win 10, not sure if that is relevant).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hello, I'm unaware of how to fix this issue. You could try enabling the developer menu and check if there is anything weird there.

Settings >> User Interface >> Enable developer menu.

Let me know if you find anything.

Hope this helps!

- Zing

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