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Auto-connect attempt cron job?


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Hello there, I am really new to mumble, really enthusiastic about this terrific software. I just installed mumble server on my laptop, plus client, and there is another person in the household with a client (both linux). This is probably a pretty common set-up, and I wonder what a good way might be to try to set up an autoconnect script for his client that might try once every five or ten minutes to contact the server on mine, then give up gracefully if not available. The server goes in and out depending on whether my laptop has entered a state of suspension or not, from non-use. Thank you for any ideas!

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you can use the mumble:// URL schema to connect to specific servers.

See https://wiki.mumble.info/wiki/Mumble_URL

You can pass the URL to the client executable and it will try to connect.

The client will gracefully try to reconnect, of lesser frequency, and eventually stop (AFAIK).

So setting up a cron job/schedule to auto-connect with a higher timespan should suffice I think?

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