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Mumble Server update 1.21.8 to 1.30 on Rasberry PI3 ...


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The system say is already updated


Where are you installing from? What are you installing?

Looks like Debian Stretch is still supported but not the current version. Looks like the packages.debian.org website no longer allows searching for older versions.

If you’re installing from the official Debian package repositories, those are not maintained by us but by the debian package maintainers. You’ll find more information in the package metadata.

You can download the static binaries manually from our website if you want to use 1.3.0. You will have to manually install it though.

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Hello Kissaki, thank you for your answer..

To answer at your question:

When i wrote : "apt-get install mumble-server" on my Raspian Server consol, after it said:

"mumble-server is already the newest version (1.2.18-1+deb9u1).

0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded."

So, my conclusion, i could never upgrade my server at 1.30?

Only on the Debian OS that's works, not on the Raspian OS .. (for Rasberry PI)

I suppose...


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You can uninstall the package, and manually install the static linux server we provide. You can reuse the existing configuration and database by configuring it appropriately. If you want to do that.

Otherwise, maybe upgrading your distro version would be an option?

Or using an AppImage? I guess those also work on Debian? I'm not sure.

Or you can check the Debian documentation or whatever to find out how Debian handles this. As I said you're installing something Debian provides there with apt-get.

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