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Any webgui management still working with new software


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Hello all,

i just installed murmur 1.3 on AWS machine (standard amazon linux there). I can start it with systemctl without errors so this looks as success. Next i ventured into trying to setup php - Ice - slice madness. There is Ice 3.7 for amazon linux and it installs just fine. But here is where i've hit the wall. I tried mumb1e ( https://sourceforge.net/projects/mumb1e/ ) and phpMumbleAdmin ( https://sourceforge.net/projects/phpmumbleadmin/ ) but none of them are able to connect to the murmur process.

Of course one of the ideas would downgrade everything. For example, i cannot install Ice 3.5 because my php is 5.4.16 and that's too high. I want to avoid this scenario.

So before i start posting various configs, is this actually working for someone with murmur 1.3? I fully realize that development of these php frameworks is 3rd party and with last version of MAP from 2013 and phpMumbleAdmin from 2015 it doesn't look good but perhaps they would still work? Or am i fighting battle i cannot win?

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I created and maintained MumPI for a few years, but ultimately gave up to get the PHP + Ice setup working again a few years ago. So… good luck :D

I have a python Ice Authenticator running though, which works fine. But is not a web interface.

Unfortunately I can’t tell you much about what webinterfaces work well right now.

And that's due to the library upgrades and what changed with them over the years (like PHP and Ice), not because of Mumble.

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