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Murmur SSL Handshake failed


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Hi there,

after i updated my server Murmur suddenly started to close connections to the clients. Happens every full minute so mumble is completly unusable at the moment.

Mumble Server and Client are the latest version 1.3

Operating System: Arch Linux for Server Windows 10 1903 for all clients.

Network connection is absolutly stable not packet loss or anything.

Server is hosted at has 8 Gigs of ram,4 Cores and 200gb of SSD Storage assigned (vps)

Tried reinstalling with different operating systems (FreeBSD 12.0, Ubuntu 19.04, Fedora 30)

All of them produce the same error:

<22:SuperUser(0)> Connection closed: Error while reading: error:140E0197:SSL routines:SSL_shutdown:shutdown while in init [20]

Any ideas why this happens?

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They can connect but get kicked after a minute. Within this minute voicechat and everything works fine. But the constant reconnects are a bit annoying

oh and no i did not touch anything from ssl

i installed the os then murmur/mumble-server set the super user password and started it. Like i always did before (been using mumble for quite a while)

As i said it worked fine before. Then it didn't. Don't know why

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