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[Solved] [Murmur] Hiding some informations


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I have recently installed a Murmur server for a team of gamers I play with.

My concern is that some players from other teams will try to connect on our server to get informations (spying and meta-gaming is common in this game).

As spies usually infiltrate our ranks and become part of our own team as if they were legitimate members, they have the same access as anyone.

So, as there is no way to identify spies, the best I can do is to try and hide some sensitive informations.

I don't know if it's possible and I need some help.

* In the server list, I would want that users do not see how many people are connected. How can I do that?

* Is it possible to hide the existence of a room from a user that doesn't have access to it?

Thank you for any help, advice or information you can provide me for this project.


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It is possible to hide the user count in the server list by adding "allowping=false" to the ini file, this will disable the UDP server ping completly. Hiding users / channels is currently not possible and afaik it's not really on our todo list to implement something like that.

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