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Request: Get number of users in a server without connecting


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In the Mumble Client you can see the # of users in a server without connecting, like so


I've been able to easily write a script in Piepan to get the number of users in a server + channel, but the script must connect first.

I understand this is an obscure question and also most people don't take kindly to other people asking them to do tasks for them, so I understand if nobody wants to respond, but if you have any hints for which script framework or part of the Mumble client code to look into to achieve this, I'd appreciate it. :)

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Sorry, my question is: In what way would I be able to access the number of users in a server via script, without connecting?

Since the mumble client is able to have this number (for the favorites list), is there a way to find the number directly (or perhaps indirectly, by looking at the mumble client's listed number for a certain server?)

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Yes, that is possible and pretty simple.

You just need to send a UDP ping packet to the server and it will answer with the number of connected users.

See https://wiki.mumble.info/wiki/Protocol section UDP Ping packet, the linked protocol documentation for more information, and the linked python script for a simple implementation of that in python. The K-10 IRC bot that sits in our channel and provides a ping command is also referenced there.

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