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cant hear/talk on some servers


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I cant hear/talk on 1 server. On another server it is fine.

I don't get any errors if i run mumble from command line. I do get a message that it cant find a CELT codec and I may not be able to hear/talk but this comes up on both servers.




The server info for both servers looks the same, both report version is 1.3.0. The people running the server aren't much help either, its mumble and I should ask here...

In config I can do a local echo test on both servers and it works. Remote echo test only works on the working server. On the non-working server If I go into a comms check channel, I gather its suppose to repeat back to me what i say after 2 seconds, I light up when i push to talk but nothing even tries to play back. I have seen other people use this channel and it appears to work. On the server that works, this channel works as described. On the working server i can hear/talk to people.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Mumble 1.2 and 1.3 uses CELT 0.7 as a baseline fallback (if not all participants have Opus or Celt 0.11 available and Opus is not enforced).

The server may also enforce Opus. I do not actually know how the server loopback test behaves if it is set up that way.

What OS are you using?

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