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Standard Mumble 1.3.0 Baked into combat flight sim cockpit!


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I just LOVE Mumble! I've had great success integrating it into the "cockpit" of my free, open-source combat flight simulator and it behaves very much like an aircraft radio.

My sim is written in "c++", and I used the well-known "popen()" function to activate Mumble's standard (but little-known) "Mumble URL" facility to command my local copy of Mumble V1.3.0 to connect with my Mumble Server and then to enter the appropriate channel from among about 30 channels that are dedicated to various teams and missions during online combat.

The result is fantastic. THANKS for MUMBLE! Your generosity knows no bounds and your skills are awesome!

Here's a link to a brief YouTube clip showing all of this in action:

I left the standard Mumble 1.3.0 panel visible in this video just to help viewers see the amazing level of cooperation between Mumble and the aircraft cockpit. That standard Mumble panel is at the right edge of the movie clip screen, and you will be able to see who is transmitting and the channels in use according to Mumble's well-established norms. The remainder of the display is dominated by the air combat action, with the cockpit instruments at the bottom. Notice the section named "Mumble Panel", where you will see aircraft radio-style indicators revealing the names of people that are transmitting on Mumble, the channels in use, and etc.

The foundational interface to Mumble is based on a very simple function call following this pattern:

popen(MumbleStringMission3Red, "r");

...where "MumbleStringMission3Red" designates the desired Mumble server and channel and can be initialized with a simple text string. I won't bore the forum with further "c++" details, but if anybody wants help with this I can refer you to simple source code that is guaranteed to work.


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Nice work! :D

Great to hear you had success in integrating and making use of Mumble!

The video doesn’t really show any channel switching though? :)


Channel switching is so automated that EVERYBODY is automagically switched into the proper channel upon entry into any of our three missions according to either of their two teams within either of our two realms, so (under normal circumstances) nobody even has to think about it. Accordingly, that video clip doesn't show any channel changing.

However, click below for a YouTube video clip that we use to train our advanced users, illustrating very advanced management of Mumble. We can "promote" individual players who can then take command of all of the Mumble clients for their entire team, switching them into an obscure channel for a private team-wide strategy session, or into a more public channel where they can converse with opponents in the same mission, or to our "root" channel (where they can recruit new players).

Here's that link:

As you can see, the result is so powerful it almost seems "MAGICAL"!


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