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Postgresql on Centos 7 with Murmur 1.3.0

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Hi, I installed Murmur 1.3.0 using the guide on the wiki, adjusting for the name differences. When I tried to use QPSQL in the murmur.ini as referred to in it did not work. I get the error

'2020-01-30 11:21:04.469 ServerDB: Database driver QPSQL not available' when I run it either with systemctl or as root. I set SElinux to be permissive to ensure there was no issues as far as that is concerned. It seems I may be missing a library or something. When I tried to build it from source, I ran into an issue where I was missing a library to build it due to Centos 7 using old libraries. Is there a library/package I need to have installed in order to get PSQL to work?

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