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Performance of Mumber with many clients


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I did a quick search without finding anything. Could those who are familiar with mumble describe how well it can perform under a large load? I am familiar with using mumble with a small group of people and I am very impressed with it thus far, but Id like a rough idea of any drawbacks or issues that arise from throwing 50-100 clients at it (minus the necessary server requirements. Sticking to the application/server itself). Also if anyone could compare the bandwidth usage at an equivalent bitrate to that of ventrilo, that would also be much appreciated.

Thanks and good work.

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The guild I am in uses my Mumble server, it currently runs on a P3 733mhz with 256 megs of ram. We frequently have 50 people or so on and the cpu rarely if ever goes above %25 for the OS as a whole, atm we have 25 people on and the Murmur service is sitting at %0-%5 with the occasional spike to %10. Ram for the Murmur service is around 35megs.

Current bandwidth = 59.6 kbit/s

The requirements are ridiculously low.

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