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Channel freezes when someone disconnects.


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I started having a curious issue recently. When someone leaves the channel, something happens where I lose audio and voice, in Mumble. Basically I can't hear anyone speak and I also can't talk to anyone. If someone was talking at the time it goes out, their icon next to their name will stay lit as if they were still talking. The only way that I can get it to work again is to open up a menu option, like the Audio Wizard, as soon as it opens up everything works fine again, until someone leaves...

So far I've tried reinstalling Mumble, disabled all the audio cues when someone leaves or enters Mumble.

Not sure if it helps, but I usually have a Twitch stream going, so in any downtime, I have something to watch. I noticed that when the Mumble issue happens the stream locks up with a #3000 decode error, a refresh of the page solves it This issue does happen when I don't have any streams going, so it's not the cause, from what I can tell.

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This probably isn't going to be a lot of help, but I had a friend that had similar issues. His simple resolve was an audio driver update that was not associated with windows 10 update. I realize that isn't a lot of help, for I don't have any more details to give you.

Is your audio built into the system board, you may even consider a firmware flash for your system board if its available.

Thats only a couple of ideas, and in no way guarantees a resolve. I do, however, get the impression that its not mumble that is at fault, but something else since you can associate it with other apps that make use of your audio drivers.

Good luck!

Edit: When someone leaves or enters, do you hear windows text to speech voice announce them leaving or entering? Is that working? The only thing I can associate your freeze timing is the windows voice holding things up?

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