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What I need istall to offert [VOICE CHAT] from web (http)?


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I want offert CHAT VOICE from my server.

Is possible with this software?

How I can offert:


and then ALL clients can LISTEN to any person connected to this URL,

but also any client can SPEAK to all users connecteds.


With HTML5 + API JavaScript we can RECORD audio/video,

after we can send this to the client,

but I want STREAMING, audio live...

Any help is welcome,


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When I try install "jitsi" I get:

[root@covid 000]# rpm -ivh jitsi-2.10-5550.x86_64.rpm

error: Failed dependencies:

java >= 1:1.7 is needed by jitsi-2.10-5550.x86_64

libappindicator is needed by jitsi-2.10-5550.x86_64

speex is needed by jitsi-2.10-5550.x86_64

speexdsp is needed by jitsi-2.10-5550.x86_64

libXScrnSaver is needed by jitsi-2.10-5550.x86_64

[root@covid 000]#

Then I want try/install mumble becouse no need JAVA.

What I want?, I want/need:

[1] when any client open myweb.com/conference this persons can LISTEN

[2] when any client do click in button "X" then ALL CLIENTS connecteds to myweb.com/conference listen words of this person

is possible with mumble ?

Regards :-)

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