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How to install mumble 1.12.19 on Ubuntu 20.04


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Is it possible to install mumble 1.12.19 on Ubuntu 20.04?

The default version of mumble on Ubuntu 20.04 is 1.13.0, but this version can not connect to our server, it shows error message:

This server is using an older encryption standard, and is no longer supported by modern versions of Mumble.


I use mumble 1.12.19 on Ubuntu 18.04, this version can connect to our server. I tried to download the 1.12.19 version deb file and install it on Ubuntu 20.04, but it can't be install , shows error unmet dependency.

So I'm wondering if it's possible to install mumble 1.12.19 on Ubuntu 20.04 ?

Thank you

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