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Help installing Mumo on Ubuntu 18


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Hey there

I followed this guide to install mumo on my virtual server running mumble-server and ubuntu 18 - https://wiki.natenom.de/en/mumble/tools/mumo/mumo-installation

I followed the steps, however I get this error upon trying to run the script:


/tmp/tmpVJaati.ice:1: error: Can't open include file "Ice/SliceChecksumDict.ice"
   #include <Ice/SliceChecksumDict.ice>
1 error in preprocessor.
Traceback (most recent call last):
 File "mumo.py", line 545, in <module>
   ret = do_main_program()
 File "mumo.py", line 152, in do_main_program
 File "mumo.py", line 115, in dynload_slice
 File "mumo.py", line 90, in load_slice
   Ice.loadSlice('', slicedirs + [slice])
RuntimeError: Slice preprocessing failed for `'
!! 05/06/20 00:46:13.455 error: communicator not destroyed during global destruction.


Someone else has posted the same issue to github a year ago but there hasn't been a response. I thought someone here might be able to help me get it working?


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