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Who use a UHF/ VHF Android Radio with mumble?

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Some Company offer for a long time Analoge Radio with Android that I heard the just suck.

Sure on the other end are Hytera who cost ~1000€/ $/...

I found a Chinese Company who have a DRM Version. Well for non Amateur Radio Operator its not legal to use that in Europe ( :roll: ).

I would say the major difference in Digital is the Voice is always perfect and with encryption 99,999...% are not able to listen in.

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I'm not really sure where you are going with this. I think encryption is not lawful on Ham Radio at all (USA anyway). Commercial licenses have radio modes where encryption is available, but I doubt those radios you were talking about are FCC type accepted, so probably can't use those legally. If my understanding is correct (I'm NOT an expert), FRS (Family radio service) has encryption available, but is very low power, very short range. GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) shares many of the same frequencies of FRS, allows higher power (licensed) but does NOT allow encryption. IMHO - If you want clean encrypted voice communications, use something like mumble over WIFI or wired internet (or a combo of both).

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