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It will be amazing if Mumble had the ability to create a private chat without a server by hosting it on your computer and having the ability to invite other Mumble users to join the chat and it works when the host uses a VPN. This way no need to rent out a server and have to pay for it.

I think doing something like Jami does which allows for a serverless P2P communication will be the way to implement this. The problem with Mumble is that to run a server, you cannot just install an app and launch it and check off a few boxes, you need to edit a text file and need to know some computer skills. Also hosting a server on your computer makes you vulnerable to DDoS attacks which can knock out your internet for days. And to get a mumble server costs money since you need to pay for the server. I am not suggesting to remove servers but if you and a few buds want to have a private chat while gaming, a P2P system that is VPN friendly would be great.


Another way to go about it would be to make murmur more user friendly with a easy out of the box setup with a GUI and to have Murmur have Tor built in and run over Tor but not run your games and other apps over Tor, just Murmur to protect your IP. Or instead of integrating Tor to make Murmur VPN friendly but I do not think this is technically possible.

I like Mumble since it is free, open source, good quality audio, has overlay and end-to-end-encryption and great privacy unlike Discord. But it has a security issue due to DDoS attacks as someone who wants to host a private server on their computer. I not saying Mumble or Murmur as a security issue to allow DDoS, just the way it works, DDoS attacks are possible and do happen. To add a feature to help protect the Murmur host IP address when running Murmur on your computer will be much appreciated!

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