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[Paid Request] Mumble Minecraft Plugin


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Hi all,

We're looking for a Minecraft plugin that will hook into the Mumble API to:

- Check if the user is on the correct Mumble (MurMur) server, and kick them if they are not.

- Server mute the user on the Mumble server if they die.

- Make sure the user is on the correct mumble settings, and kick them if they are not.

We want to know if this is possible, and anybody who wants to do it please get in contact with me. Thanks,


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Hi there,


I know this is a fairly old post but I wanted to drop a note that we are partly investigating this possibility over at https://github.com/zsawyer/MumbleLink (the Minecraft mod for positional audio).




Thanks for the request. I will keep the mute on death idea in mind if we ever get that far.


On your use-cases:

1./2. channel movement and dynamic creation as well as muting would be something that has already been done for other games using the mumo plugin

3. This is a tough one. Project Reality solved this by building their own mumble version. We probably won't go this far. Also this is a bit tricky because how do you ensure that you can trust which settings the client is reporting? It would be very easy to cheat still.




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