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Update Mumble on Ubuntu 20.04


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I installed Mumble server onto Ubuntu 18.04 and had updated it to 1.3.1. I have since upgraded the server to Ubuntu 20.04 (successfully), however i cannot get mumble to update. When i use the release ppa it says there is no release file.

Any idea when there will be an official 20.04 release file?

There is an updated Eoan (19.10) file, and that server is supported officially for another 2 days.

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i have got it to update on ubuntu 18.04 using following steps.

 check for leatest LTS version on:



open a terminal

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mumble/release
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt list mumble 

now there should be on in the results with latest version


sudo apt install mumble


it will install over your actual installation keeping your bookmarks and settings


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