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Can anyone update mumble for iOS please...


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Hello everyone!

I love mumble for its opensource and low-latency high-quality features, but for mobile clients, especially on iOS, things are quite buggy and mal-functional.

On iOS, sometimes udp connections are not stable. By unstable I mean sometimes others can hear me while I can’t hear others. Also, iOS mumble client would not auto connect when switching between cellular and WiFi or between different WiFi signals.

Lastly, iOS mumble clients still lacks administrative functions completely, while on Android you can at least ban, unban or move someone into other channels.

Well I don’t want to be here to purely complain. For programming, I can do c and c++, however can’t help much on iOS clients since the mumble client is written in obj-c. I am just asking for help from someone who can do obj-c and truly cares about the usability of cross-platform mumble clients.

Thanks everyone for help!

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