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How to handle two Audio devices?


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I would like to use Mumble in two different ways:

- Sometimes I don't need to talk and just listen to other people. In this case I like to hear Mumble on speakers so I don't have to wear a headset all the time during this hot weather.

- Sometimes I need to talk, and then I plug in my USB headset and would like to use that.

Windows itself automatically recognized that and switches sounds to the headset if I plug it in, and back to the speakers if I remove the headset. All other applications (Firefox, Media Player Classic etc) follow Windows.

Except Mumble which is stubbornly refusing to and remains on the last set audio device unless I manually go into Settings, then Audio Output, then Interface and switch the output to either "Speakers (High Definition Device" or "Speakers (Logitech USB Headset)". I realise this is a total first world problem but I still wonder if there's a better way.

Is there maybe a keyboard shortcut I don't know about, like Ctrl+F3 to select the third output device?

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