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unable to connect to mumble server in a digital ocean droplet


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New to mumble and digital ocean.

Looking to run a password protected mumble server for my children and my friend's children to play together.

Used the digital ocean tutorial, and a few others to cobble together something that matched the dialogues I was getting, better.

Using a standard ubuntu droplet from digital ocean. I set up SSH keys and can now ssh into it from the command line passwordlessly. (New to that as well).

I set up a user mumble_admin and added to group wheel. I then used this user to download and install mumble using apt_get. I used the debian/ubuntu config to reconfig the server, then restarted. No evidence of any issues so far.

Then downloaded and installed the mumble client on my Linux Mint laptop. The settings options look a little different from the tutorial - missing password option. using the IP from the DO droplet so it should be in computer speak not human speak, It loops round attempting to reconnect.

Downloaded and installed the mumble client on a Win10 laptop, similar - the layout on the screen is swapped the user and the server name, but very similar to the tutorials. No connection to the server.

I opened ports on my router, no luck.

I white listed the IP for the DO droplet on my pi hole set up. No luck.

I wondered if I had to open ports on the client and server (did not think i had to). down loaded and ran nmap on my local laptop and remotely on the DO droplet. neither had the port 64738 open. Did not change this though as I was under the impression the software itself runs opens the port. The mumble server on the DO droplet is run by the user mumble_admin.

Disabled the firewall on the router - no luck.

I found a public mumble server and logged in successfully, no one there but I logged in. Switched off the port forward rule, could still log into the public server. Reactivated the router firewall. Could still log onto the public server.

My client does not have a password, so must be logging onto servers with some sort of authentication? I have read about ice I don't really get what is going on here. Why does the ubuntu client want ssh authentication? won't passwords do? Is there a good place to read about what to look out to figure what I have built and what I need?

Any thoughts?

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